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November, 2014

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Mark Feltz, DVMLaying the Groundwork
for a Strong Future

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the first edition of your email newsletter! - Information about Business and Marketing Trends in the Pet Funeral, Memorial and Cremation Industry. We hope you enjoy this quarterly newsletter and find it helpful for taking your business to the next level. If you have comments or suggestions about how we can improve this newsletter, please pick up the phone and call me directly.

The holidays are approaching, many areas of the country have been hit hard by cold weather, and before long, the new year will be here. In this quarter’s newsletter we invite you to look ahead even further, and think about how to increase your business during the next five years, the next 10 years, and beyond – and how Pet Legacy Marketing can help.

You need a great custom website for your memorial business. If you’re still unsure that it is necessary, please read Why a Great Website is the Best Marketing Investment You Can Make. Marketing without your own memorial business website is basically like building your house without a foundation – definitely something you don’t want to do. To that end, we've also included Why Your Business Brand Matters More Than Ever, which explores how to make your business the choice of all pet owners in your area.

Influencing Millennial Pet Owners is about the spending strategy of the generation born between 1980 and 2000. This group of 80 million is the biggest generation in American history, and already makes up a significant part of your largest target client group. As a memorial business owner, it's vital you understand who they are, what they want, and how they decide where to spend their money.

Spotlight on New Design showcases the custom website we developed for Into the Sunset — a warm, inviting site whose modern, welcoming design perfectly captures the professionalism and quality of client service this business offers.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Pet Legacy Marketing Quarterly Newsletter. Offering valuable information to help you make the best decisions and grow your business is our only goal, each and every day. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 603-743-4321.

—Dr. Mark Feltz, DVM, and the Creative Team at Pet Legacy Marketing

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Ken GagnonA Great Custom Website is Your Best Marketing Investment

With Facebook, online directories and review sites that list your business's profile and contact information, you may think having a website is something you can skip when it comes to online marketing. Foregoing a custom website for your pet memorial business, however, would be a big mistake. Just ask Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Webspam team and software engineer. He says companies lacking a compelling website are basically invisible online.

Even in 2014, a great custom website should still be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. If you choose to market your memorial business without one, you will definitely be missing out on sales.

Your Memorial Business Needs the Best Website Possible

The pet memorial business is booming. Now is the time to make the right marketing decisions that will keep your business strong for years to come. Don't wait until competition increases before deciding to firmly establish yourself as a pet memorial services leader among pet owners in your area.

You need a website, but you should also strongly consider one that's professionally designed and written for your clients. As a business owner, you carefully choose the physical location of your business, your signage, and your interior design to attract the most customers; your online presence should be no different. The design of your site (your digital exterior), the content (your digital interior), and where it shows up on search engine results (your digital location) are vital considerations.

First, a website is still the most effective way to get your business to the top of search rankings — the most coveted, sought-after spot in the digital world. Once you're there, you still need to impress. When pet owners click on your custom site, the professional design and straightforward navigation immediately instills confidence in the quality of your services and expertise. The logo, colors and font choice are unmistakably a reflection of your unique brand and begin the important process of differentiating you from your competition. Finally, you communicate the benefits of your services within a carefully woven narrative infused with warmth and sensitivity that deeply resonates with mourning pet owners.

Working together, these elements lead pet owners to take the most important step: picking up the phone and calling you. These messages — what your brand means, the benefits of your services, what makes you stand out — are transmitted to pet owners only a website only.

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago." – Chinese Proverb

Plant your tree now with an expertly designed custom website. Pet Legacy Marketing is here to help. To find out how to get started, call us today!

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Why Your Brand Matters Now More Than Ever

Differentiating your memorial business in today's market based on services and prices is not enough. Your clients, especially the millennials, expect more. They are the largest generation in American history and are different from their predecessors in important ways. The bottom line for your business? Attracting them may require you to re-think your branding strategy.

According to Tam Powell's article Millennials: How They Make Decisions, "Brands that fail to acknowledge, understand and embrace the needs and characteristics of this generation will have a difficult time developing and marketing appealing products/services to this group of tomorrow's big spenders."

So what do we know about millennials? They:

  • seek personal connections and relationships
  • value authenticity and transparency
  • trust recommendations from friends
  • expect messages to speak directly to them
  • see their purchasing choices as a form of self-expression
  • do business with companies that have social purpose to which they can relate

Developing successful strategies to attract and connect with this group will not only benefit your business now, but continue to pay dividends in the future as its members move through adulthood. They will likely be the influential core of your business for many decades.

Defining Your Brand Now and For the Future

Successful branding captures your memorial business's values and elicits the vital emotional response that makes pet owners choose you over your competition. Ask yourself:

  • Why should younger pet owners choose you over another memorial business or burial option?
  • What's the first thing you want them to think when they hear your memorial business' name?

If you can't answer these questions, neither can potential clients.

To being re-thinking how you brand your practice, compile a list of features that make your business unique, and then develop a mission statement. From your mission statement, create a short phrase about the benefits your memorial business provides, not the services. Don't focus only on selling your services. You need to stand out: make sure millennials know how your memorial services make their lives and the memory of their pets better.

Meaningful Connections Mean More

As you complete this exercise, remember to keep in mind the things millennials find appealing. Be personal and authentic in your approach and align your business with the values they hold in high esteem. Positioning your company to build a connection with millennial pet owners will keep your business flourishing now and for years to come. Call the experts at Pet Legacy Marketing today to find out how we can help you define your brand and create a marketing strategy that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Chris SinkInfluencing Millennial Pet Owners:
Yelp Reviews Make Their Tails Wag

According to a study by Wakefield Research, the millennial generation — those born between 1980 and 2000 — is set to have more spending power than Baby Boomers by 2018. One statistic from Appfolio, a property management company, suggests that over 76% of millennials are pet owners.

As a millennial and a pet owner, I can't speak for all my peers, but I can offer anecdotes of my own.

Millennials: The First Digital Natives

It's often said millennials don't remember life without the Internet. While that isn't strictly true for me, Google is my first stop when I need information.

After 15 years on earth, my cat, whom my parents had adopted when I was in middle school, was terminally ill. We agreed that simply letting the veterinarian dispose of the remains didn't seem right for a member of our family, and I took on the task of finding how to properly memorialize her. In this case, Google was again the first resource I used to find pet memorial services in my area.

However, not all sources of information on the Internet are worthwhile or trustworthy. In an article from the Columbia College Marketing Division, researchers found millennials look to friends and experts to recommend brands, products and services. In this case, the word expert doesn’t necessarily mean someone with professional or academic credentials, but rather someone with first-hand experience.

In my case, I consulted a variety of sources to figure out which pet memorial business would be the best choice. First I turned to my peers in the form of a question on Facebook. But few had suggestions for me, and with my cat's final visit to the veterinarian looming, I needed to make a decision soon.

Making The Call With Yelp

My next stop was the business review site Yelp. I don’t completely trust Yelp nor do I take every word written by users as gospel, but the website is one of the only places cataloging experiences with pet memorial businesses in my area. One pet memorial company had multiple reviews that said the pet memorial company ended up charging substantially more than they quoted. This was a red flag for me.

I ended up choosing a company with more favorable reviews, and was happy with my experience. The staff was compassionate and professional, and they were patient with our questions about their available services. We now have a fitting remembrance for our cat.

We might have received excellent service at the pet funeral home I decided against, but I wasn't willing to take a risk. Besides, with the second pet memorial company's stellar reviews, the choice was easy.

Online Reputation Management For Pet Memorial Businesses

The idea that pet owners, especially those from my generation, can be influenced by reviews written by people on a website that has no direct connection to your pet memorial service is frustrating for many business owners. There are ways, however, that you can help shape the online conversation about your pet memorial company.

One way is through working with a company that offers online reputation management. Reputation management experts monitor review and social media websites and track mentions of your company. They can ensure positive reviews get the most attention, and mitigate the impact of negative reviews.

Pet Legacy Marketing's reputation management services are specially designed for businesses in the pet loss services industry. Our reputation management experts know where pet owners go to sound off about their experiences at pet memorial companies, and we know how to lessen the impact of negative reviews and solicit genuine positive experiences from pet owners. We also know how to monitor these websites to make sure every review is spotted quickly. That way, fraudulent reviews can be found before they become part of your company's narrative.

If you want to continue to attract millennials as the group’s spending power increases, reputation management is a must for your pet memorial business. Contact Pet Legacy Marketing today to learn more.

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Spotlight on New Design

Into the Sunset: Clean, Warm and Modern

Into the Sunset is a pet transition center in San Diego. The company's new website is an excellent example of how bolder color choices and a clean layout can create a contemporary design, while font choice, content and sepia-toned images convey the warmth and sensitivity that pet owners need when grieving the loss of their pet.

Into The Sunset

"Pet Legacy Marketing has been so integral to both of my businesses. Everyone always comments on how beautiful our sites are! Thank you!"
– Vivianne Villanueva, CPLP, CGC, Owner & Family Care Coordinator

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Jen HenryAnd Here Comes A Special Offer for You…

Sign up for a new custom website by December 15, 2014 and receive your first three months of web hosting and maintenance for free — a $375 value! To find out more, please contact Jen Henry, our Customer Account Executive. Both warm and charismatic, Jen is here to answer all your questions and make sure your needs are met fully by our professional design and editorial teams.

Jen lives in Rollinsford, NH with her partner Michael, a geophysicist, actor and joint caregiver of their two pets: a dog, Jaxson, and a cat, Lil' Bean. When not at work, Jen directs and stars in numerous theatrical productions in the Seacoast area and enjoys playing a mean game of paintball.


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