Powerful Promotional Tools for Your Business

Professionally designed, effective print materials play an essential part in any successful marketing campaign – especially for a business seeking to contact and build lasting relationships with pet owners. Pet Legacy Marketing can be your partner in creating appealing, easy-to-read print materials that can be delivered in a variety of formats.


A compelling brochure is a professional way to introduce pet cremation, funeral and pet cemetery options or present special pet tribute products to grieving pet owners. Brochures should be readily available at your place of business and at all local veterinary hospitals. Expertly crafted brochures created by the professionals at Pet Legacy Marketing allow pet owners to see you have advanced knowledge about pet cremation, cemetery and funeral services and provide a variety of caring options for those who have lost their beloved pet.

pet cremation brochures, pet memorial brochuresBrochures offer your business myriad unique benefits, including:

You can deliver the message that best describes your business' value, and do it in the way that best reaches your preferred audience of prospective customers. Topics for brochures designed by the experts at Pet Legacy Marketing often include:

A professionally designed brochure by Pet Legacy Marketing works favorably for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reaching your targeted audience efficiently and quickly. By contrast, a poorly designed and cheaply produced brochure only diminishes your credibility.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing can be an important asset for growing your business, thanks to its relatively low cost, ability to reach specialized target groups, and immediate, measurable results. A well-crafted mailer can easily translate into large profits.

Direct mail marketing allows you to reach potential clients who may not otherwise hear about your services, either because they do not use the Internet or do not frequent your website often enough to take advantage of promotions. There are a number of distinct advantages to utilizing direct mail as part of your marketing campaign, including:

The success of a direct mail marketing campaign for your veterinary hospital depends on delivering the right message at the right time to the right person in the right way. The experts at Pet Legacy Marketing understand your target audience and have the skills to develop the appropriate message to motivate existing and prospective clients. We have the knowledge and expertise to target any segment of the pet-owning population you want to reach and show them the benefits of your services.

Print and internet-based marketing, when used together, can provide a better experience for your clients and a better result for you. Together, they enhance the professional nature of your marketing message. Many high-end companies today are communicating with their clients first by email, then following up a week or two later by direct mail. Don't miss the chance to put your message directly in the hands of your targeted audience – and grow your business.

Flyers &Rack Cards

Flyers and rack cards are a quick, easy way for you to communicate information to your clients about the products and services you provide. Flyers and rack cards can stand alone or be easily inserted into your professional literature and brochure.

If executed well, flyers and rack cards are a very effective way for you to convey information to your clients about grief and support, service options, tributes and memorials.

Pet Legacy Marketing will ensure your flyers and rack cards are a success by incorporating:

pet memorial/funeral business cardsUtilizing flyers and rack cards provides you with another tool to add to your marketing arsenal. Contact the experts at Pet Legacy Marketing today to get started in making the most impact based on your marketing budget. Contact a customer service specialist today to begin your initial consultation.

Business Cards & Stationary

As a business owner, you understand that paying attention to small details is what separates successful businesses from those that fail. Custom business cards and stationery are a seemingly simple means of leaving a lasting impression on pet owners. Your own personalized professional stationery and business cards are extremely beneficial in making your business that much more memorable.

Pet Legacy Marketing is committed to individually designing business cards and stationary that fit your unique business needs and your budget. Our creative team of experts can build a design that reflects your business and your values – all with a simple, striking visual design that can help keep you in a prospective client's mind. A small detail like that can be the difference between gaining new business and losing out to your competitors.