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We live in a constantly connected world, and businesses must move quickly and decisively to keep pace. Mobile devices are becoming the dominant means of browsing the Internet, and with web usage continuing to explode, it’s more vital than ever to embrace mobile websites as part of your marketing strategy.

Mobile web browsing has increased by over 1,000% in the past two years, and by the end of this year, industry analysts predict more people will access your website from a mobile device or tablet than from a laptop or home computer. What does this mean for your business? It means you need a fast, convenient and reliable solution built for the mobile world. You need a custom mobile website designed by Pet Legacy Marketing. Our mobile sites utilize:

The team at Pet Legacy Marketing can equip your mobile website with a design uniquely optimized for mobile viewing – giving clients a browsing experience that will be quick, convenient, and informative enough to encourage them to take the next step and contact you for pet loss and end-of-life care. We include a variety of pages within our mobile website package, with each customizable to meet your business' needs:

Mobile Website Package

A mobile website with Pet Legacy Marketing boosts credibility, helps generate traffic and increases business. With more people using mobile phones for their internet connection, this is a market you simply can't afford to ignore. Click here to contact a customer service representative to begin your initial consultation today!